little step

Today I completed my big bulletin board which was inspired by shim+sons. I love her blog. I read it every day. I love all of the products that she creates and her packaging is to die for. I was meant to make this bulletin board because when I called up the building supplier yesterday to ask if they still carried homosote board, they said, 'Yes, but we only have one sheet left'. You know what that means...it means that it was meant to be.

I have TONS of fabric samples that I have hoarded from work over the years. I thought I would put them to good use on this bulletin board. It took me hours to decide on which fabric samples to use because I have way too many fabric samples. Also, instead of using linen as the main fabric, I used a grey wool coating fabric. I didn't attach my fabric strips to the grey wool because that's way more of a commitment I am willing to make. Plus, I'm a girl and we do change our minds from time to time :) so I can just make another fabric strip when I feel I need a change.

Our basement remodel is going sloooow. We are still waiting for the carpet tile. I can't wait until I can move all of my craft stuff to my studio. Until then, I will continue crafting in three separate rooms. Needless to say, making my bulletin board makes me feel like I took a little step towards having my studio. At least I will be satisfied for 5 minutes.


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Mike & Cathy said...

Who is commenting on your blog?
Love the bulletin board. When is the carpet coming?

bernadette said...

that was my co-worker elizabeth. carpet is coming next tuesday!

Anonymous said...

lovely board!