craft show wrap up

I participated in only 2 craft shows this year, which is a good thing because now that they are both over, I can focus on my holiday to-do list. Both shows went well, but I'd have to say, the After Hours Talent Mixed Media Sale was off the charts! There was an amazing turn out and I saw so many of my former colleagues - it was great to catch up. Plus, it was great to see what other local designers and architects do in there spare time. I was so busy that I didn't get a chance to take decent photos from that last sale but the photos here are from my table at the Super Rad Craft Show last month. I hope you are enjoying your holiday season so far!


After Hours Mixed Media Holiday Sale

I will be participating in the After Hours Talent Mixed Media Sale next Tuesday, December 8, 4-9pm at Urban Studio [corner of 10th and NW Davis, PDX]. I will be selling pillows, zipper pouches, tote bags, garden aprons and other accessories. There will be some light munchies and drinks served. I hope to you can stop by and introduce yourself! Buy handmade and shop local!


super rad pdx craft show

hey portland peeps! i will be at portland nursery on saturday, november 21st for the super rad pdx craft show. hope you can stop by to support local handmade artists, have some beverages (wink, wink) and get a jump on your holiday gift shopping!


back from the...

[you fill in the blank] hi all. so it's pretty embarassing that i haven't blogged in almost a year although i have some pretty good excuses. since my last post i have lost my job, started a new company and have seen my parents go in and out of hospitals. i wish i have had more time to craft this past year. but i have committed to two craft shows this holiday season so that will force me to get my act together! stay tuned for details!


3 down, one more to go

last night, was the 3rd of 4 craft shows that i am participating in this season. this show was held at my office during one of our 'friday @ 4:30' (aka 'beer-thirty) events. i had the privilege of organizing the first craft show (at least since i've been working there) that we have held at the office and i believe it was a wonderful success, if i don't say so myself. it was great to see what my co-workers create in their spare time. although i was too busy (with selling my own wares + shopping) and too distracted to take photos of the event, i will leave you with a photo of a beautiful felted flower pin created by loree, who works in the marketing department at my office.

my next and (thank goodness) my last show of the season will be at p:ear. i will be joining my friends next sunday, december 14. please stop by and introduce yourself!


hi from harvest moon bazaar

my friend, yuwen and i are here on location in boring, oregon at the harvest moon bazaar. so far everyone is super nice (volunteers insist on helping you unload your car) and there has been a fair amount of customer traffic. below are a few photos of our booth. if the photos look dark, well that is because it is dark in our cave, i mean, booth.

here are yuwen's bags...

and here are my pillows and zipper bags.

if you just happen to be in boring, oregon (don't worry we're not holding our breath) stop by and say hi - we are here until saturday at 1pm. happy friday!


makin' pil-lows

it's craft rabbit central at my home because i signed up for my first two craft shows next month. the first on november 9 is crafty wonderland. i am actually sharing a table a few of my co-worker/crafty peeps. we formed a group called the limbo collective and there will be 5 of us selling our wares. if you are able to attend crafty wonderland, please say hi and introduce yourself, we will be the 3'x3' table with a mountain full of merchandise! we haven't figured out how we are going to fit everyone's goods in the limited space that we have, but we'll make it work!

the second show is the harvest moon bazaar on november 13-15. i will be sharing a space with another one of my co-workers, yuwen. our space will be twice the size of crafty wonderland and it's a 3-day long bazaar so i need to make alot of inventory! below are a few photos of my process and a preview of some of the things that will be at the show(s). well, back to work for me!