yeah, yeah it's really been awhile...

i wish posting wasn't such a chore for me, but it just is. however, i have some good excuses. for instance, other than the obvious excuses, like work, i have at least been traveling to some great places (stay tuned for following posts), entertaining friends, getting projects started and finished and finding time to spend with family. fall is coming (although with the weather today, you wouldn't think so) and i can't wait. i love sweaters, coats, warm drinks and the smell of cool crisp air that is so undeniably fall. fall will always remind me of when i met my husband, starting a new school year, my birthday which just happens to be this month. good times...i hope i will find myself posting more and interacting with the rest of the blog world (vs. just silent blog stalking).
i met a couple of new people from the craft blog world this weekend. on friday after work, i stopped by the lower fremont sidewalk sale and met alyson and amy. they were so nice and friendly. alyson is a graphic designer and i scored these note cards...

and from amy, who is a photographer, i purchased this set of fun prints.

also, when i am out and about, i am always keeping an eye out for new artists to place in my interior projects. i came across sarah kamsler's work and since i was on buying spree i just had to pick up a print.

on sunday i continued to indgulge myself with craftiness and ventured to crafty wonderland and bought some note cards and this print from elizabeth. i have been coveting this print for sometime now. as some of you may have already guessed, i like rabbits.

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alyson. said...

hi Bernadette! I'm so glad you commented! it was so nice to meet you as well. and I see you met Beth at Craft Wonderland, another one of my crafty friends! :)