work in progress

next month my youngest niece will be turning one. we agreed to host the party at our house to give my sister a break from her on going entertaining. but secretly, [ok not much of a secret anymore] i just wanted an excuse to craft up some girly decorations for my sweet little niece, colette.
i have seen everyone and their dog make these cute fabric flags and now i finally have an excuse to make them! the fabric is vintage amy butler from her gypsy caravan collection.
i also made 54 feet of garland with paper circles and picot ribbon...it doesn't get any girly-er than that! the paper is also from amy butler.
also on the party to-do list are these pom poms or these cute paper flowers. i'm just getting started...


Wendy said...

thanks so much for your comment. the garlands look great! i like the colors. colette is so cute - what beautiful eyes!

porter hovey said...

Ohh! That's just going to be wonderful! Too cute.