getting ready for spring

lately, i have been in cleaning + purging mode. i have been trying to tackle one area of my home each night. so far i have got to the home office, the dumping, i mean, guest room and the kitchen. i have also made a couple of trips to goodwill. it feels great to clean + purge.
as i was cleaning my kitchen, i realized that i was pretty sick of the art on the walls and my kitchen towels. i changed up the art on the walls, thanks to some freebee fabric/wall covering samples from work and added a few photos that we took from our last trip to paris.
i brought out my lotta table runner and some kitchen towels made by portland artist elizabeth bentz that i purchased at a craft fair back in december. they compliment each other quite nicely. [although someone needs to whip out the iron...]
in my cleaning frenzy, i decided my poor plants need to be repotted. i love white pots and they look so nice when they are grouped together...i especially like these ones that i recently purchased from IKEA.

well there is still lots to do...happy spring [cleaning]!

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